Yellow Tricot, HTV, and the Tie Back Tank

Yellow Tricot, HTV, and the Tie Back Tank

Jenn Meitin Williams on Jun 13th 2019

Have you ever heard of tricot? I had not before this sew. Apparently it's pronounced "tree - koh". I always said try-cot when I would read it. I was wrong. Anyways, it's a super soft, stretchy knit that can be used for several different applications; swim, athletic, daily wear, etc. It's super versatile. From my experience with wearing it, it dries super fast and is really cool feeling against your skin. It's also super (I need a new word for super...) easy to sew! Which is a plus.

I used the lemon yellow tricot from Phee Fabrics to make a tie back tank from Greenstyle Creations. 37161118_10113389239548494_8290264858218201088_oTo add a little umph to the top, I decided to do a reverse coverstitch for the back and bottom hems. I like the extra touch it adds. Once I finished the shirt, I really felt like it was lacking something so I decided to add some HTV (heat transfer vinyl) to the front. Let me preface these next two photos with the fact that I don't work out. I used to run, but then I found sewing and had a kid. So in my spare time, I would rather sew. Since this is an athletic style top, I wanted something non-athletic on the front just so people don't get the impression that I actually work out...

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Yes! You can add HTV to tricot! My favorite HTV is Siser brand. They have several types of HTV depending on your project. For example, they have standard (which is what I used here), stretch (better for fitted items that will stretch once on), and some others that I won't get into right now. But for this application, because this shirt is more flowing and does not stretch when worn, I used standard HTV. My favorite place to buy right now is from Heat Transfer Vinyl 4 U. They have really fast shipping and the prices are good. Their website also gives application instructions for each product which is really helpful. For mine, I set my heat press at 305°. Once it's warm I lay my shirt and vinyl on the press and cover with an old bed sheet I've cut up. You are supposed to use a non stick cover sheet or Kraft paper but I've never had a problem using a sheet. Once on the press I heat for 15 seconds. For this vinyl you can peel it hot or cold, so I peeled while hot. 37258194_10113389240626334_6752075368296873984_oY'all, I've never done a day of yoga in my life. Haha.

You are also supposed to wait 24 hours before you wash and dry. I wore my tank boating on Saturday and it withstood Emma climbing all over me, saltwater, ocean breeze and a wash afterwards and everything held up wonderfully.


Back to the tricot - after wearing it for a day out in the hot sun, I love the way it feels and how breezy it is. It's definitely a great fabric for athletic wear! It also has great stretch which is good because...IMG_3426WM...Emma is going to be a big sister!