We love our Supplex for its durability. This is a material that can be scraped against something but not rip or pill. Phee Fabrics Supplex has been proven tough and abrasion resistant.

Versatility - Supplex can be used to jackets, pants, shorts, riding pants, joggers, leggings, skirts, hoodies, pullovers, etc. The options for Supplex are endless. Plus, the ability to be worn time and time again while retaining It’s shape and color. 

Supplex is moisture wicking so it can survive a humid day but not get soaked and dry quickly, can be exposed to the elements but not fade in color. Phee Fabrics Supplex is water repellent, dries faster than cotton, all while remaining breathable. It is anti- bacterial and odor resistant.

Not all Supplex is created equal. Phee Fabrics Supplex has been put through years of testing, washing, shrink testing. 

Phee Fabrics Supplex is 26-36% softer than nylon and the weight makes it UV resistant.

Phee Fabrics Supplex weight and quality makes it “squat proof” and opaque.


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