Pellon EK-130 Easy Knit

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Pellon Easy Knit has lengthwise grain for body and stability and a crosswise stretch for flexible shaping. Used as interfacing.  Easy-knit is used to add shape to collars, necklines, front facings and cuffs while maintaining drapability. Used as an underlining, Easy Knit prevents show-through on light colors and semi transparent fabrics. It also adds comfort to comfort to scratchy fabrics.



1. To trim and steam-baste: Pin pattern piece to Easy Knit following grain line arrows and cut.  Trim seam allowances to 1/8".  Trim 1/4" at corners to reduce bulk. Place fusible side of Easy Knit to wrong side of fabric. Pin, then steam-baste along the edges with tip of iron.  Remove pins.


2.  Cover with a damp press cloth. With iron at wool/steam setting, press firmly for a full 10 seconds. Always use a damp press cloth and press down firmly.  Repeat, lifting and slightly overlapping iron until all interfacing is fused.



Use a damp press cloth as a temperature and timing guide.  After 10 seconds, press cloth should be dry.  If not, raise iron temperature or hold iron in place for a few seconds longer.


Use steam iron with metal sole plate. Hand held steamers will not permanently bond interfacing to fabric.


100% polyester

Sold by full yard cuts

20" wide

Available in black and white