Circular Knit

Circular knit is woven like chainmail armor or the olympic rings with lots of small circles intertwining. The solid colors are a nylon spandex blend but constructed in the circular knit manner. They don’t curl and they are all moisture wicking and anti microbial. Has four way stretch but varies by the weight of the color with the lighter weights having more stretch. Suitable for bands with the amazing stretch and recovery.
Common uses: Perfect for leaving garments without bands or binding since they don’t curl. Tank tops or no show underwear are amazing in the solids. All circular knit is perfect for swimwear, athletic tops, sports bras, lingerie, everyday t-shirts etc.




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  • Olive Circular Knit

    Phee Fabrics

    $6.00 - $18.00

    FABRIC CONTENT:  matte nylon/spandex WEIGHT: 10 oz WIDTH: 58-60" STRETCH: 4 way 100%/100% WASH:…

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